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There is continuous pressure to prepare students to succeed in an ever growing competitive global market. Our powerful and engaging student assessment solution keeps the teachers informed of the student progress. The solution is designed in a way to assess and provide feedback to the teacher so that they know what is working and what is not; which student needs attention and which skill needs to be worked on for that student.

Our K-12 student assessment solution provides:

  • Standards-based curriculum management
  • Longitudinal performance tracking
  • Support for benchmark and formative assessments
  • Clear, informative reporting
  • Advanced tracking tools
  • Deep analysis of performance trends

Called eduBeans, this assessment platform provides unrivaled breadth and flexibility for the learner as well as the educator.

For the students
The students can choose to use our extensive question bank and do self assessment at any point in the year on any topic they choose or a group of topics. The assessments come in learning and timed mode and they the student can choose to practice in either. The student will also get detailed analysis of his/her attempt and allow him/her to compare with peers. The student will be able to see how he/she performed vis-a-vi the others of his class, pan India.

For the teachers
The teachers can now have a very clear view of how the students are performing and at what pace. eduBeans also provides a breakdown for individuals or groups of students, analysing the progress of children in a whole range of ways. The teachers can choose to assign tests to the class or different group of students. The idea is that using our exhaustive question bank, the teacher can actually get all the assessments digitally now. It takes away the pain of checking and validating and explanation of the answers.

For the administrators
The administrators can now create and manage classes and monitor on a holistic level, the performance of every class. The administrator also controls and monitors access to eduBeans by the teachers and students. Reports can be generated by administrators on performance and growth pattern of students.